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1475 Euro
The new album by Luca Rovini & Compañeros, two years after Cuori Fuorilegge. 13  SONGS, 11 written by Luca Rovini and two covers, one by Steve Earle and one by Bob Dylan. The album will still be produced by Peter Bonta, a Washington DC multi-instrumentalist, founding member of the Nighthawks and Rosslyn Mountain Boys (of which Rod Stewart sang the beautiful A Hard Lesson To Learn). Over the years he has played, recorded and toured with Artful Dodgers, Bill Kirchen and Mary Chapin Carpenter, not to mention his instruments in the service of Bo Diddley, Doug Sahm, The Seldom Scene, Jeff Smith, Emmylou Harris. He has opened concerts for Jerry Lee Lewis, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kinks, Levon Helm, and many many more. Once again we need your INDISPENSABLE help. With Cuori Fuorilegge you helped us to make a record that was well received by critics and audiences, that's why I'll never stop say THANK YOU! In exchange for your participation we offer REWARDS that you can see in the dedicated section (Support Us section). I think it is FONDAMENTAL to work closely with FANS all over the world, with those who believe in our music, with those who come to see us live and support us. That’s why we ask for your help to accomplish all TOGETHER an important work that will not only be ours but will be of anyone who decides to support us. Each supporter will have their name printed on the CD booklet because you will be the executive producers of the record, in addition to the chosen reward. We decided to use CROWDFUNDING again because funding the record is the only way to see it realized. We built this site that is only and exclusively ours, there are no intermediaries, there are no percentages to be paid to foreign people, every single penny will be completely used for the disc. We try to RESIST in this musical environment and to do that, we need to resist WITH YOU! We expect a great participation, share this project also on your social pages, all of us Compañeros we hope that you will be so many to support this new and beautiful challenge. I'm sure together we'll do a GREAT RECORD! And then let's start this adventure together, if you have any questions contact me at the email you find at the top. In the meantime I say THANK YOU and BIG HUGS TO YOU ALL Luca  
Today CROWDFUNDING is the only system that can bring artists and audiences together and make a professional and satisfying product for everyone. There is no longer the artist and the audience apart, the public is no longer a mere consumer but in all respects an important part of the work. What is crowdfunding and how does it work? It is simply a way to get the resources you need to get the project done. We offer you some nice rewards, you choose the ones you like the most and you will be the producers of the record! There are various platforms that provide their space to raise funds but all require to withhold a percentage of the proceeds or even reach a certain goal. We have chosen to do this site because we do not want any intermediary between YOU and US. We believe it is right that everything should flow into the project, every single resource will serve only and exclusively to finance the disc. We are convinced that this is the only way to be able to do a job in total freedom, with the collaboration of real music professionals, a job that is fulfilling and participatory. TOGETHER we can make a beautiful record. So how do you participate? It's all very simple, just go to the rewards page and choose the one you like, remember to enter your shipping address and especially YOUR NAME that will be inserted inside the CD booklet. It is also possible to make free donations. Those who make donations for less than the minimum of the rewards will still see their name written among the executive producers within the CD, those who make donations for more than the maximum allowed by the rewards can contact email address to agree on an appropriate reward. people who are outside Italy and make a donation of more than 65 euros can contact us and we will decide together a suitable reward! If you have any problem or doubt, please contact this email address lucarovini@libero.it Don't hesitate to write, you can do it whenever you want, we are here to build something together!